Lawn & Garden Service

Keep your equipment running like new with an inspection by a Certified John Deere Technician.

As a proud owner, it’s important to keep your John Deere lawn and garden equipment in top shape.  Extend the life of your machine by getting it inspected annually. At Holland & Sons, every lawn mower, compact tractor, and Gator goes through rigorous multi-point inspection by a Certified John Deere Technician. Our lawn & garden service specials include everything needed to maintain peak performance (even the parts):

› Changing the engine oil and filter

› Replacing the fuel filter

› Servicing the air filter

› Replacing the spark plugs

› Sharpening the blades

› Leveling the mower deck

› Adjusting the carburetor

› Lubing grease fittings

› Inspecting the bearings

› Inspecting the safety system

› Checking tire pressure

› Checking fluid levels

› Checking and adjusting belts

› Checking and testing the battery

› Checking steering ball joints

› Pressure washing the unit

› Cleaning under the mower deck

Service Special Pricing as of February 2017:

Walk Behind Mowers


Gasoline Push Mowers

Small Lawn Tractors


D Series, L Series, LA Series, LT Series, SST Series, STX Series, Rear Engine Riders

Older Style Lawn Tractors


Pre-1993 100 Series, 200 Series, 300 Series

Air Cooled Lawn Tractors & Older Style ZTraks


X300 Series, LX Series, GT Series, EZTraks

Liquid Cooled Lawn Tractors & Residential ZTraks


X500 Series, GX Series, 300 Series (325-355D), Residential ZTraks

Garden Tractors & Commercial ZTraks

lawn and garden service


X700 Series, HDGT X Series (X400-X595),  400 Series (425-455), F500 Front Mowers, Commercial ZTraks

Older Style Compact Tractors


Pre-1998 Compact Tractors

1 Family Compact Tractors


2 Family Compact Tractors


3 Family Compact Tractors


4 Family Compact Tractors


Traditional Utility Vehicles


HPX Gators, T Series Gators

Crossover and High Performance Utility Vehicles


XUV Series Gators, RSX Series Gators

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*All service are performed when applicable. Prices are subject to change. Price does not include tax or service accessories, but does include the parts.  Any additional work, charges may apply. When available, pick up and delivery discounts apply only to our normal area of operation.