Back to the Farm: Senior Ag Day at Greenfield Nursing Home

May 23, 2017


Last week Holland & Sons had the opportunity to participate in Greenfield Nursing Home’s Back to the Farm month. The month is designed to celebrate many of the residents’ rural and farm roots. We brought out a John Deere 8260R Row-Crop Tractor to show the senior residents up close and to answer any questions they had about farm machinery today.


It was awesome to see the residents get excited about the size of the tractor and share memories about their days growing up on the farm. Many things in farming have changed since they were young especially the machinery and tractors farmers use today. One resident even commented that when her father bought a farm back in the 1930s, they were still using horses and didn’t get their first tractor until 1934.


The residents had many questions about the cost of tractors and other farm machinery today, how much they weigh and the speed at which they travel. Everyone was excited to take pictures with the tractor and get up close to the large machine.


It was a great afternoon of fun for the 15 residents that participated in the event. My dad, Ty Holland, and I also enjoyed visiting with the individuals and hearing their stories. I think it is awesome to get the opportunity to educate everyone about agriculture and the farm equipment industry!

Greenfield nursing home residents pose in front of John Deere tractor in Princeton, IL