A Salute to Ag

March 31, 2017


Last week the Princeton Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated individuals in the ag industry with its 3rd annual Salute to Ag Breakfast. In honor of National Ag Day and Ag Week, the breakfast is a way of thanking area Farm Bureau members and bringing together ag leaders of all generations and aspects of the industry at one event. This was my first time attending the event and I enjoyed seeing so many members of the community come together to celebrate ag. The more than 250 attendees ranged from FFA members to agribusiness and local farm leaders.


This year’s keynote speaker, Jay Vroom, president and CEO of CropLife America, spoke to the audience about “Growing Food and Leaders.” Vroom discussed the importance of American agriculture and preparing future generations of farm leaders. Vroom recognized the value of organizations like FFA and 4-H which help teach young people skills they can use in their education and future careers. The future of agriculture is bright and everyone can help make a difference in growing that future by supporting these organizations.


Vroom also touched on the importance of educating the general population about farming practices and how farmers provide safe and healthy food for the world. As the world’s population becomes increasingly concentrated in cities and urban areas, people continue to move further away from the farm and where their food comes from. Farmers and other ag leaders can work together to educate people about modern science and technology used in agriculture. We should all be advocates for agriculture.


According to Vroom, “[In the] late 1800s, under 40 million people in the U.S. – over two-thirds on farms. Today, 324+ million people in the U.S. – just 2% on farms.”


Let’s continue to not only make advances in growing crops, but cultivate future leaders in the industry to carry on the legacy of American agriculture.

3rd annual salute to ag breakfast Princeton, Illinois