Join us for updated and new information about John Deere Precision Ag products.  Do you use precision farming products? Do you want to produce greater yields? This clinic is for you! We will have speakers and demonstrations that cover many different aspects of John Deere technology. We will be showing you how to operate the new John Deere technology that is currently on the market, we will show you how it can help you produce greater yields and we will show you how to get the job done more efficiently. This clinic will also cover some key points about proper maintenance on combines to make sure your machinery is in its best condition to work for you.

•     Understand how SeedStar™ Mobile map layers can help you eliminate 20 or more bushels of yield risk by monitoring planter performance and identify row unit adjustments that should be made before it is too late.


•     USE the SeedStar™ Mobile tool to Field Review to learn from planting data as you walk the field after the crop emerges to identify issues and improve future performance.


•     DISCOVER how less experienced combine operators can quickly and easily make machine adjustments using Harvest Mobile Interactive Combine Adjustment to increase their productivity by 2 acres per day.

•     The Operations Center is a set of online tools that provides information about your farm when you need it, where you need it.


•     It allows you to see what’s happening in your operation right now, and learn from your performance over time.


•     Moreover, it allows you to collaborate with the right people and tools to make decisions that save time, and optimize yield, and maximize profits.


•     Finally, it allows you to direct your operations by turning your plans into action, and adjusting as conditions change.

•     Learn about and evaluate which differential correction signal is right for your operation.


•     Experience the new functionality of the Generation 4 CommandCenter™ Premium Activation and key differences from the GS3 2630.

•     Pre Harvest Inspection Items

•     High Wear Items

•     Belt Tensions

•     Proper Chain Adjustment

•    Adjustments for Corn

•     Adjustments for Beans

•     Daily Check Items

•     Cleanliness

•    Safety


•     When to Calibrate

•     How to Calibrate



•     Gather Chain Adjustment

•     Auger Adjustment

•     Stalk Rolls



•    Cutter Bar Maintenance

•    Auger Adjustment