John Deere Operations Center Training

March 15, 2017


Are you new to John Deere Operations Center? Maybe you have been using Operations Center for several years? Or you just want to find out more information about the newest features and mobile apps? Whichever your case may be, our upcoming training should prove helpful. This spring, Holland and Sons is offering several dates of Operations Center Training Sessions and APEX/Operations Center Roundtables.


The Operations Center Training will be more of a classroom like setting. The Holland and Son’s ISG Staff will walk you through the basics of Operations Center and provide a broad overview of the site. We will also talk about new features such as Guidance Line Management, Boundary Management, and Setup Builder.


On the other hand, Holland and Son’s APEX and Operations Center Roundtables will be a one-on-one training opportunity. We have set aside an entire day at each location to help you get your APEX and Operations Center all setup and ready for this spring. During this time, the ISG staff will be available to assist you in getting all the setup data for your operation entered, developing templates for different operations thought out the year, helping clean up existing data, creating setup files, and any other help you may need.


Seating and time slots are limited so please get in touch with your Holland’s ISG Specialist as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Below are all the dates and times available. If you have any additional questions, please contact Kolin Erb at 815-994-3190 or at


Not familiar with John Deere Operations Center? You can learn more about it on Deere’s website.

flyer for Holland and Sons 2017 Operations Center Training
flyer for Holland and Sons APEX and Operations Center training event