Oil and Filter Sale

March 6, 2017


Yep, it’s already that time of the year. Planting season is coming up fast which means it’s time for Holland and Son’s oil and filter sale. For March only, you can stock up on oil and filters at a discounted price. We’re offering all John Deere ag filters at 15% off, packaged oil at 10% off, and drums at 15% off! Save a trip to the store and keep the parts you need on hand. Fill out the parts order form online or contact us for more information.


Featured John Deere Oils and Filters:

John Deere maintenance fluids

Plus-50™ II Engine Oil

› Designed and tested by John Deere engineers.
› Recommended by engineers who design, develop, and test John Deere engines.
› Formulated to perform up to 500 hours in your John Deere engine*.
› Reduces downtime.
› Next generation low ash CJ-4 formula.
› Meets performance and emission requirements for all four-stroke diesel engines.
› Supports engines with diesel particulate filters, including 2007 and newer on-highway vehicles.
› Backward compatible for all current applications.
› So good it’s guaranteed (view oil warranty).
› Available in 15W-40, 10W-30, and full synthetic 0W-40.
› Increased drain intervals when used with John Deere fluids. View Oil Change Calculator.



› Recommended for all diesel, gasoline, and natural gas (SAE 30 only) engines.
› Reduces corrosion
› Controls sludge for a cleaner engine.


Hy-Gard™ Hydraulic/Transmission Oil

› Recommended for equipment with common system reservoirs or separate transmissions, wet clutches, brakes, and hydraulic systems.
› Saves you money by prolonging your systems.
› Viscosity between ISO grades of 46 and 68 at 40 degrees C.
› Works well in all temperatures.


Photo of John Deere filters in a manufacturing setting

Lube Filters

John Deere lube filters are expertly engineered to catch small particles like dirt and other contaminants before they pollute your engine. Dirty oil will slow you down, leading to less productivity and shorter service intervals. That’s why John Deere filters are tested to make sure they capture more dust than lesser quality filters.



› Even pleats and media spacing ensure even filtration for better overall protection without gaps
› Spiral and crimped center tube adds strength to prevent media from collapsing and letting unwanted particles into your system
› Rubber gaskets encourage a tighter seal than plastic gaskets found in competitive filters
› Specifically designed and tested to meet the needs of John Deere engines
› Increased drain intervals when used with John Deere fluids.



Fuel Filters

When it comes to your fuel, water is the number one enemy. That’s why John Deere fuel filters are not only designed to trap water, they’re designed to repel it. Our filters have coated media that keeps water out, preventing rust and microbial growth that could damage your fuel and lead to poor fuel economy.



› Tight pleats and even media spacing – ensures high capacity to catch water and dust particles before they damage your fuel
› Coated media – repels water and prevents it from soaking through to fuel like uncoated media can
› Tight seal between media and filter casing – ensures unfiltered, dirty fuel won’t reach engine


Need a Filter? Find your specific tractor or machine’s filters, change intervals and fluid capacities here.