New Logo Announcement

January 29, 2016


We are proud to announce the launch of our new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand. Deere & Company requires their dealers to follow specific branding guidelines to be able to advertise alongside the John Deere trademark. Our previous logo does not meet their current requirements so we went to work on a refreshed design concept.


Today we’re introducing a new logo that we feel reflects Holland and Sons’s new identity, while retaining core elements from the past. We have incorporated our swoosh as part of a new pentagon symbol, representing the five dealership locations. The bold, contemporary typeface should be easier to read across different medias. As well as, the new color scheme is complementary to the John Deere trademark.


In the upcoming months we will begin updating all our marketing materials, vehicles, stationary, etc. with the new logo. However, this will likely be a slow transition and take some time. That being said, we will still be using our previous logo in some cases so be aware both represent Holland and Sons for the time being.


We hope you like it!
– The Holland Family