Equipment Financing & Leasing

Which Option is Right for You?

John Deere Financial makes it easy to acquire the products and service you need.  They offer a wide array of finance solutions from installment to revolving financing, Take time to consider which options makes the best sense to you.  And if you have any questions, contact us for assistance. We’ll be happy to walk you through everything!

Residential Equipment Financing

Financing that’s fast, flexible, and convenient. Take advantage of a John Deere Financial Revolving Plan account to easily pay for the turf equipment, parts, and service you need.  This type of account operates a lot similar to your typical credit card and you can manage your account online. We can help you apply for a Revolving Plan at any one of our store locations or you can apply for financing online yourself. Just follow this link and select the Residential Revolving Plan Application.

Agriculture & Commercial Equipment Financing

A traditional form of financing that you can use for both new and used equipment. Installment loans help you build equity toward ownership. John Deere Financial offers a wide variety of flexible payment structures designed to help with cash flow and tax challenges. Offers include both fixed an variable rate financing with monthly, annual, semi-annual and seasonal payment structures. Contact us to apply for installment financing on large ag equipment through John Deere Financial. Also, check out the latest financing special offers on our website.

Parts, Service & Agricultural Inputs

You have it all with a Multi-Use Account from John Deere Financial. When you’re empowered with a fast and easy alternative to cash, there’s no stopping what you can do. A Multi-Use Account ensures you have the flexibility to stock your operation with inputs required to keep your business moving forward. Your Multi-Use Account provides an additional source of capital, matches your cash flow and helps you get the important things you need to keep your operation moving forward – all season long. Purchase seed, fertilizer, crop protection, parts, service, and more using your Multi-Use Account. Explore the full potential of an account today.

Equipment Leasing

Is leasing right for you? Check out this guide to equipment leasing from John Deere Financial and explore your options when it comes to equipment financing. John Deere’s leasing options are a low-cost, low-risk alternative to purchasing equipment outright or taking an installment loan. Leasing typically requires less cash up front and features affordable payment options with an option to purchase or return at the end of the contract. Ask your Holland & Son’s Sales Professional for a lease quote. We’re happy to assist you in exploring all your financing options.