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QuikTrak B Series Mowers

studio image of John Deere B Series QuikTrak Mower

The QuikTrak B Series mower features a commercial-grade engine and a fixed, 7-gauge steel fixed deck. Run flat front tires keep you going strong all day. And sealed front caster bearings for longer life.

QuikTrak M Series Mowers

studio image of John Deere 648M QuikTrak Mower

The most productive and maneuverable commercial mower in the market, the new M Series QuikTrak delivers unsurpassed performance and lowest cost of ownership. With available 36″, 48″, or 52″ (91.4, 121.9, or 132.1 cm) widths of cut, the M Series 636M, 648M and 652M are the ultimate mowing machines for maneuverability and hillside stability.

QuikTrak R Series Mowers

studio image of John Deere 652R QuikTrak Mower

With the QuikTrak R Series, you get your choice of two commercial-grade engines and 48, 52, or 61-in. 7-gauge steel floating decks.  A quick height of cut adjustment lets you instantly change cutting heights from 1.5 to 5 inches. And cast iron front forks to take on any unexpected bumps or bruises.