5E Series Utility Tractors (3-Cylinder)

5065E Utility Tractor

45 to 75 horsepower. Mid-size doesn’t have to mean middling performance. The John Deere 5E Series offers hard-working tractors for any utility application.

5E Series Utility Tractors (4-Cylinder)

5085E Utility Tractor

85 to 100 horsepower. Enjoy the ultimate combination of power, economy, and affordability, plus a host of new features in the new, IT4 emission-compliant, 5E Series.

5M Series Utility Tractors

5115M Utility Tractor

75 to 115 horsepower. Need to tackle heavier jobs? Want features you’d normally find on a larger tractor? Look no further than the John Deere 5M Series.

5R Series Utility Tractors

john deere 5r series tractor

90 to 125 horsepower. This premium series brings big advantages and advanced technology to utility tractors with an easy-to-use transmission and unrivaled maneuverability.

6E Series Utility Tractors

6135E Utility Tractor

105 to 135 horsepower.  If you need a nimble tractor capable of taking on big tasks, the 6E Series will give you everything you need in an affordable utility tractor.

6M Series Utility Tractors

6125M Utility Tractor

105 to 125 horsepower.  Throttle up a 6M Series tractor to meet any need, from baling hay to snow removal, and from commercial mowing to municipal applications.

6R Series Utility Tractors

105 to 140 horsepower. Revolution and evolution come together in the John Deere 6R Series. We’ve made the best even better with an improved cab and control layout.