Four-Wheel-Drive Tractors

There are six models of 9R Series 4WD Tractors designed to fit customers’ specific high-horsepower needs, ranging from 370 engine hp to 620 engine hp. With various options available, including tire and ballast options, hitch and PTO options, lighting options, hydraulics options, and transmission options, the 9R Series 4WD Tractors offer a versatile solution for tillage or row-crop applications including seeding, operating grain carts, tillage applications requiring a feather-light footprint, or deep-tillage applications requiring industry-leading horsepower and torque.

Row-Crop Tractors

John Deere row-crop tractors are specifically designed for customers in row-crop applications who desire reconfigurable product solutions for flexibility within a myriad of customer applications. To meet these needs and to closely pair the correct tractor solution with the application requirements, John Deere row-crop tractors are comprised of numerous models. No matter the model or series, each tractor is specifically designed to be the most durable and reliable tractor in their respective horsepower segment, providing the easiest controls to operate and optimize for maximum profit potential.

Track Tractors

studio image of John Deere 9570RT Track Tractor

There are ten models of track tractors designed to fit specific needs or application requirements. John Deere offers three platforms – the 8RT Series Track Tractors with a horsepower range from 320 engine hp to 370 engine hp and the 9RT Series Track Tractors with a horsepower range from 470 engine hp to 570 engine hp and the 9RX Series Tractors with a horsepower range from 470 to 620 engine hp.

Utility Tractors

John Deere offers a wide variety of utility tractors to meet the needs of a variety of producers between the 5E, 5M, 6E, 6M and 6R Series. Producers with needs ranging from lawn and grounds care to full-time ranching operations can look to John Deere to provide solutions to their specific individual needs. Whether your customers’ needs can be fulfilled with a basic mechanical tractor or require cutting-edge satellite technology, John Deere can provide the correct solution.

Compact Utility Tractors

studio image of John Deere 4066R Compact Utility Tractor

From the Value-Spec 23 horsepower 1023E to the premium 4R Series King of the Compacts, there’s a tractor to meet the needs of all small acreage farms, large acreage producers, and everything in-between. But don’t be fooled by their size, these smaller, efficient tractors can take on a large range of tasks. Meet the 1, 2, 3 and 4 Families of John Deere Tractors.

Specialty Tractors

studio image of 6125M low-profile tractor

John Deere specialty tractors have been designed for vineyard, orchard, vegetable, high-row bed, low-clearance buildings, airports, and hundreds of other specialty-type applications. These tractors have the same high quality and technologically advanced components as our utility and row-crop tractors, but they include components like drop-down gearboxes and specially designed axles for high or low clearance. These tractors will work in the application you need and will provide years of dependable power