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Primary Tillage

John Deere manufacturers a variety of primary tillage tools to meet your needs, including Rippers, Chisel Plows, Disks, Mulch Tillers, Reversible Plows.


John Deere offers both tandem and offset style disks to match the producer’s farming, orchard, or cropping system.

Nutrient Applicators

Nutrient applicators from John Deere offer solutions to prepare a seedbed, sidedress efficiently and apply dry, liquid and anhydrous fertilizer.

Seedbed Tillage

John Deere offers several secondary tillage options, including integral and drawn Level-Lift™ and floating-hitch field cultivators, the 200 Seedbed Finisher and the 2330 Mulch Finisher.

Vertical Tillage

John Deere’s 2623VT provides a unique solution to the vertical tillage market that gives operators the performance and productivity they have been looking for in a vertical tillage machine.


John Deere’s industry-exclusive TruSet™ technology enables customers to respond to changing field conditions, to efficiently manage residue, and to no longer leave yield in the field.