Top Attachments to get the most out of your John Deere Compact Utility Tractor

July 28, 2017


John Deere has over 200 hard-working attachments and accessories for your Compact Utility Tractor to help you turn your tractor into exactly the machine you need. When determining what attachments you may want to purchase, consider what you will be using your tractor for and what are the main jobs you want to accomplish. Lifting, moving, and dumping material? Scraping and moving dirt? Grading or leaving land? Working a large garden? Which implements are right for you depend on what you need to get done.


We’ve put together a list of some of the main attachments you might need to take care of the most common jobs for large property owners like you.


1. Mower Deck

If you purchased a compact tractor, you most likely bought a mid-mount mower deck and loader to go with it. There are many different types of compatible mower decks available for your specific tractor and to meet your mowing needs. All mid-mount mower decks are easy to install and help you get the job done faster. One option is an AutoConnect™ mid-mount mower deck. These are the next-generation of decks designed to be installed without ever leaving the tractor seat. You are able to drive over the top of the mower as the mower deck automatically connects to the tractor and with AutoPTO the PTO shaft automatically hooks up.


2. Tractor Loader

Unlock your tractor’s potential with a loader. A loader transforms your tractor and increases its productivity. Adding a loader with a bucket turns your tractor into a scooping, dumping, moving machine (you can even add a pallet fork attachment to your loader base and you’ve got a forklift). Most people purchase a tractor and loader combination; it’s the perfect pair.


3. Rotary Cutter or Grooming Mower

If you’re going to be mowing a lot grass, you might need a tow-behind mower. So which one is right for you?


-If you maintain turf grass or a grassy area that you would like your friends and neighbors to admire, you probably should get a grooming mower. Grooming mowers give grass a finished look similar to that of a mounted mower deck.


-If you’re keeping up rough areas like a road edge, back lot or pastures, you should be using a rotary cutter. Rotary cutters are used for taller, thicker grass.


* Please Note, these mowing implements are not interchangeable. It’s important that you use the one that’s right for your application. Talk to a salesman to find out which one is right for you.


4. Box Blade

Grading and leveling gravel drives. Building paths. Leveling land for a new building. Spreading dirt from where you don’t want it to where you do want it. Terracing Land. Preparing a seed bed for planting. A hard-working box blade with scarifiers has got you covered. It’s extremely versatile and will help you with many different jobs on your to-do list. John Deere offers standard, medium, and construction-grade box blades to make your job smoother.


5. Rear Blade

Similar to a box blade, a rear blade can help you accomplish precision leveling and grading. Return gravel that’s been pushed off your gravel driveway back where it belongs. Grade and smooth your drive. Rear blades can even help you with the difficult task of snow removal in the winter.


Some other popular attachments include: rotary tillers, snow blowers, and backhoes.


These are just a sampling of all the attachments available for your John Deere Compact Utility Tractor. For more information about all the attachments available, check out or go to


Call or stop in to see a Holland & Sons’ sales consultant. They are ready to help you decide what attachments you may need and discuss all your options. Let us know what attachments you use and what’s on your wish list!